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Got any videos? Post them here! Use the youtube embed code and just wrap the URL with [youtube]. If you need help email me & I’ll help post them for you! If you’re uploading any videos to Youtube please tag them ‘alpacka’ so we can find them!

Videos by Eric Parsons
View all his videos here:

6 Mile

Ship Creek

Videos by Nathan Shoutis and Sam Perry
View all their videos here:

Dink touch up

Salty Schnitzel

Jedi Knight Battle

Videos by Erin & Hig / GroundTruthTrekking
You can view all their videos here:

Packrafting swell

And another one…

This latest looks good: less hucking carnage, more packrafting style.

This is a movie trailer that Forrest sent me to post. Looks like these guys landed in Little Switzerland and hiked out.

Two great videos of Bob Brown and Paul Smith’s 1976 descent of the Franklin River in Tasmania:

Tucker is one of those NPS Climbing rangers
“sick Balls productions” made me laugh out loud! good stuff, looked like a gnarly route out.
This past summer some other guys were in there that climbed for a few weeks in the rain like us then came out the chulitna.

Wow Forrest! Awesome, especially that first one. Big water with big boats and big paddles!

So cool. And 30 years ago.

And packrafts saved that river from damming – how cool is that.

We must put together a trip there for 2008/2009…hopefully it’ll get more interest than my Dec 2 run of Ship Creek…

Timmy J’s trailer!


And check that huge vertical drop ?how many kayak lengths was that? !!

Erin and Hig allowed me access to their entire collection from Seattle to Anchorage so far… here is a quickie! I’m psyched!

We’re now linking to YouTube Videos from the official Alpacka website. We’re also doing our best to credit the videographers in a caption, even though they’re also credited on YouTube, obviously. On that note…

:arrow_right: Eric Parsons. Your edit of Hig & Erin’s footage is now linked on the shop/homepage.
:arrow_right: Nathan. We have your videos linked on the shop/homepage and in the Kayaker FAQ at this time.
:arrow_right: If anyone has good hunting, fishing, or other fun footage, we’d love to know.

Thanks! -Alpacka Raft LLC

The amazing Sheri fixing a boat shredded by a grizzly bear!

Alpacka Raft, Patch N Go and Floor Repair

Alpacka Inflation Demonstration

OK guys, this one didn’t have any actual Alpackas, but you have to see this one. Redneck rafting at it’s finest. I THINK this is the Gila River in SW New Mexico, , it is only runable in spring runoff.

More Parson’s productions:

Erin & Hig’s adventures edited by Eric

Eagle River / Echo Bend