Trip Partners/ Planning?

Hi everybody! :slight_smile: I am wondering if anyone would be interested in posting trips that are in the planning stage, as in possibly recruiting people to go with? Perhaps? I am down here in Albuquerque, NM trying to get the Alpacka Raft seen and known, but so far ,like Sheri says- “In the lower 48, it’s a concept”. So far I am the only guy around these parts with an Alpacka that I know of, and I really want to get involved in some cool adventures. I will be availible for trips next year starting in springtime, if anyone needs a partner, feel free to email me. Also folks, I am assuming that I am not the only one with this thought, so perhaps we could have an entire topic based on trip planning? Thanks, Glenn :sunglasses:

I am planning on a small (one nighter) on the Rio Chama (Northern New Mexico, USA) in the spring. Just tentative probably May-ish… :wink:

OK now it’s a two nighter June 6-7-8 . I hooked up with the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and they are doing an inventory on campsites or something like that for the BLM over those dates. Sounds like fun… !

Another trip I am wanting to do is basically a floater, the Colorado from Hoover dam, take out at Willow Beach. (Black Canyon). nice easy, relaxing float trip. There is a hot waterfall and some cool side hikes. Looking at early spring. (Before it gets death hot there). For an idea of this trip check out , they commercially run this and others in the area.

Hi Glenn,

I’m from Colorado and haven’t been able to find anybody to go packrafting with. Right now I’m trying to plan a solo trip down the Green River in Desolation Canyon for late June. I’ve got the whole summer off, though, if you’re looking for someone to go packrafting with. I was thinking of getting a few actuall packraft trips in, between hiking and climbing.

Also, the Black Canyon looks awesome for packrafting. I was in Vegas over Christmas and ended up kaying a few miles of it (sadly I did not have my Alpacka with me, though I was sorely longing for it). It’s a very beautiful place, but the wind was a bit stong in a few areas (going toward Hoover Dam), but in most places there is a trail that goes alongside the canyon, with some sandy beaches and camping spots.


Hi Sara

Where in Colorado do you live? This is Sheri responding, and I am the owner and designer of these funky boats. I am asking because I have just moved the production plant to Mancos Co. and am currently there myself and will ablosutely be looking for packrafting partners come spring ( which is not that far away) . So please stay in contact I would love to do a trip or two with you. And same for you Glenn!

cheers, Sheri

I’m in Colorado Springs, which is quite a ways from Mancos (about 6 hours, I think). I’d love to actually go packrafting with someone else for a change. Normally, it is just me out there, getting strange looks and comments from kayakers and commercial rafters.


suddenly found myself with a week to kill in the south lands, 22-27th, like right now. lookin at possibly slaying the rio grande around big bend in a p raft and could use some compañeros. i got me two rafts and a bottle of mezcal. hit me back here in the next uh, day or so if any of yall want to meet up.


I wish I could go with Nathan like right now!!!, The wife and I just had a baby but as soon as things slow down a bit with family life getting back to normal, you know… I can’t WAIT until spring. I have big plans! I already secured a permit for a trip for three days down the Rio Chama, (NM) June 6-7-8, doing some stream restoration work and campsite inventory stuff with the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance. As for the Black Canyon area, it would be nice if a local person got involved in putting that together, it seems the permit thing is a pain, as are the logistics. It is still something I really ant to do before it gets too hot. the is another little know run between Santa Fe and Cochiti lake, it’s called White Rock Canyon, and I heard it great, but I won’t know for sure until I run it. It’s gonna bea grat spring/summer everyone! I will be in touch. PS- i plan on taking many trips up to Taos area for some day trips on the Rio Grande. :smiley:

…i got me two rafts and a bottle of mezcal…


Got to nominate this as the best quote of the year so far! Hope you enjoy the trip, nathan.


dang Glenn, I cant believe you bailed out on me like that. trip fizzled quickly while looking at a still brown trickle of water at Presidio called the Rio Grande. slayed mezcal. next time.

Hi Sara,
Please post a trip report for your Green River solo. I live in Phoenix, AZ and that is definitely on my list after reading Elaine Mayer’s report.

Sara, Sheri and Glenn,
My summer is fairly open - maybe we can get a trip going.

Where were you thinking? I’ve got pretty much the whole summer to work with (though I’m still working on a permit for the Green in July now).

I just realized one doesn’t need a permit to paddle UP the Colorado from Willow Beach up towards the dam. No need for a shuttle, no permit, as long as the current isn’t too bad (from what I hear it’s pretty darn slow). You wouldn’t nessecarily have to work your way all the way to the dam, but to the hot waterfall and campsite!!! NO PERMIT NEEDED. (Sounds like a Dory would be a good thing here). Anyhow, I’m gonna work on some dates soon before it gets too hot down there.

Wow - where to go for a trip this summer. Well, first - the Green River sounds cool. (I usually solo backpack and I love, and often prefer solo trips. I’m assuming you are solo-ing the Green by preference, if that’s not the case and you’d like company, let me know.)
Possible trips: Rio Chama in May, Yampa and San Juan in June, a nice float through the Gila Box here in AZ, a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon using a raft to cross the Colorado to continue the hike on the other side. I’m new to paddling and am not that familiar with the rivers here in the SW yet. Maybe something in or near Zion?

The Virgin River “through” Zion can be a little “fun” trip during quicker flow, but you would have to see the spring runoff. Most of the time it is tame as I even take my 8young daughter. (Usually we float it in tubes.) Due to near record setting snowpack so far in Colorado I expect to see the Rio Grande near Taos, NM flowing GREAT GREAT GREAT this year. Also the Rio Chama should be good all spring and then into summer tapering with controlled weekend realeses. I would be interested in the Verde river-AZ and the Gila River, NM if I could go with someone who has done them before who know the logistics better then I. Even the southern Rio Grande (Tex/NM border area) might be a good floater this spring!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is an exerpt from Southwest Paddler about the UPPER Rio Chama-
" The Rio Chama forms in far southcentral Colorado, just above the New Mexico border in the San Juan Mountains of Carson National Forest in Archuleta County, then flows about 120 miles to its confluence with the Rio Grande just north of Espanola in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. It enters the state at Cumbres Pass on its way to the Rio Grande. The upper river is characterized by huge boulders that create difficult holes, sizeable drops and hidden dead-fallen trees that test experienced whitewater boaters. The first 6-7.5 miles of this reach above El Vado Lake in New Mexico is a Class IV to VI whitewater run of great intensity that is only suitable for expert whitewater kayakers. The rest of this run can be made by canoeists and kayakers with at least strong intermediate level whitewater skills on Class I to III water that drops through deep canyons on its way to the lake. Below El Vado Lake the river is a Class II to III run for almost anybody with intermediate or higher level whitewater skills. This historic river has been used by humans for nearly 10,000 years, dating from the time when camels and wooly mammoths roamed the southwestern United States. In 1988, the 24.6 mile section known as Chama Canyon was designated as a “Wild and Scenic River” by the U.S. Congress."

I plan on doing the lower part BELOW El Vado dam June 6-7-8.

Well, I’m still trying to get a permit for Desolation Canyon, so it looks like June is out, but maybe mid-July. I haven’t decided whether I want to go completely solo, so I’ll let ya’ll know if/when I can get a permit and possibly if anyone wants to come with.

If I can’t get a permit for Desolation Canyon, I was thinking of maybe rafting a bit of the Green up in Wyoming or in something in Colorado, perhaps the Yampa, Arkansas, or Dolores (anyone have any info on this one?).


The Dolores is a great three day river… nice wilderness expericance, and very cold, but I wouldn’t do it solo and I wouldn’t do “Snaggletooth” in an Alpacka… best to portage that one.

If anybody if ever in the Toas or Santa Fe area… let me know a few days advince and we can run the Rio Grande! There are lots of short runs near Taos. I need spring NOW!!!

Taos (Pilar) New Mexico-- Sunday the 24th be there or be square. Were gonna break in the season with some runs on the Racecourse.