Zipper on floor for fishing!

I just bought a packraft for flyfishing and got an idea about inserting a heavy duty waterproof zipper on the floor. Then i could use it as a “bellyboat” in lakes and stop alot of the rotation and drift that occur while fishing. And just zip up when paddling.

Would this work?


surely if you just open a zipper in the floor lots of water floods in? If to continue the idea you had a waterproof eye shaped wall around the zipper, either inflated tube or plastic sheet, you could open the zipper and the wall would contain the flood, like a centreboard box. All sorts of other problems like catching fish hooks in inflatable fabric but I suppose it could be made to work. As a none fisherman I would not know how useful the idea is.

I wondered this same thing to have two zips that formed a “V” with the wider opening below your knees to facilitate easier entry with fins. I’ve gotten good enough fly fishing from my Fjord Explorer with the rowing kit that I stopped worrying about it though.

Sure it will work. I also tried it and get experienced on it.

Zipper on the floor would also be helpful in removing water from a decked raft. But then again I wouldn’t dare to take floor-zippered raft into any kind of whitewater.