Yukon Yak Kit For Sale - Barely Used

Hi there,
I am listing my Yukon Yak kit for sale. I bought it all from Alpacka this May and it has been used only once in a river and once in a pond since its purchase this spring. About the same time as this purchase I started up with a hard shell white water kayak and now have a car and a club to paddle with which just makes more sense for me in my area. Here is what I have to sell…

Alpacka Yukon Yak Mud Color with Black Spray Deck
Sawyer Packraft Paddle (with some neat little storage bags I made for the pieces when broken down)
Insul Mat Sleeping Pad
Inflation Bag
Patch & Go Kit

I would say the boat is 98% new condition. It may have some small cosmetic marks on the bottom but nothing more than that. The Paddle also has a few cosmetic marks on the blade I would say 95% new condition. The other gear may as well be new. The boat has been kept loosely rolled in a bag all summer and spent 30 minutes in a pond and 8 miles on a class 2 run on the Deerfield river in Ma., that’s it’s total use.

I am not desperate to sell this kit but it would allow me to purchase a drysuit for the coming months. I will only sell this kit as a whole so please don’t ask for individual items. The new value of this entire package from Alpacka is $1,296.00. I will also include the bags I made for paddle storage, a bunch of new bungie cords, and a unused roll of Tyvec Tape. I would like $1,000.00 for everything.

The boat and I are in NYC and happy to ship it anywhere in the US.

Photos available for those seriously considering my offer

Thanks for looking,


Do you still have the raft for sale?
Dave B

Yes, the raft is still for sale. If you would like to email me about it my address is jaygo1@gmail.com.



Sorry, boat’s been sold…