Yukon Yak in Butterworth, Malaysia

Hi All,

Today I try my new Yukon Yak at Butterworth Beach. I am full satified using it for fishing. Got myself some fishes, squids & stuff. I find it stable but easy for the wind. Very quickly set-up & pack. Still getting use to the paddling style. Side to side sometime. I could squeeze the Yak, 4 piece paddle, PDF & fishing stuff into my scooter fully under lock.

Its a good work out!! Off to fishing again.

Best Regards,
Michael Seah

hey mike,

Side to side is unlike kayaking yah? Take some time to get use to the different paddling style. Don’t hook something bigger…!



I saw 2 foot long silvery fish darting high into air off streat of Penang. Maybe only 1km off shore line only. Only in the morning, before 9am. Still trying to hook one. Of course ready to cut my line if it’s too big :wink:

Wish me luck!!

Best Regards,