Yukon or Denali

Hi there,

I’m trying to make up my mind which raft to get. I’m 6’ 1’’ (185cm, 185 lb, 34’’ in-seam), so the question is Yukon Yak or Denali Llama. I’d use it for paddling down easy Rivers with a bit of whitewater here and there (Grade I and II, maybe III after gaining more experience). One other thing I’d like to try is bikerrafting, but mostly its going to be multi-day hikes “walking in, floating back” kind of trips.

So what should I get? Right now I’m tending towards the Yukon Yak.


I am 5’11" / 70kg and I got a 2011 Yukon Yak.
My mate is 6’3" / 90kg and he got a 2011 Denali Llama.

I definitely wish I had got the Llama.
With full packs on the front and long flat water paddles, the bigger boat seems to move along much more efficiently.