Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is the heart of more than 20,000,000 acres of the wildest country left in the continental United States. Yellowstone also contains the largest concentration of wild and free flowing rivers. Administered as Wilderness, the Park is mostly roadless, untrammeled, and a potential packrafting paradise.

Unfortunately one of the least impactful means of wilderness travel is unjustly banned in the world’s first National Park. Based on unsubstantiated impacts on “water quality, the condition of the river, on wildlife habitat and wildlife movements,” the legacy of a 1950 fishing regulation continues today. Other than a short stretch of the Lewis River between Lewis and Shoshone lakes, paddling rivers in Yellowstone is prohibited and a federal offense.

If, however, that ever was to change, the potential for packrafting is awesome. Below is a guide to what might be possible. The information provided is an estimation of what the rivers and creeks are like. Hopefully, someday I will be allowed to fact check this guide.

Packrafting Guide to Yellowstone National Park -