Yarra River

The nearest “white” (brown) water to Melbourne, is found in the mid reaches of the Yarra R, which flows through the city. About 40mins drive from the CBD there are some rapids, enjoyed by desperate kayakers, especially when the river is running high.

There are 2 major rapids in this section between Homestead Rd and Witton’s Reserve - the Wonga Park rapid, where the river drops over a 60cm rock ledge, and beyond this there is the Island Rapid, which is not shown is this footage, as my camera ran out of battery.

Normally the river runs at about 0.6-0.8m on the Warrandyte Gauge. This video was done when it was at 1.62m.

PS Have just taken delivery of Go Pro helmet camera, so next video will be miles better!!

Andrew Allan

I take my coffee black…

Looks like a bit of fun Andrew.