Yarra R packrafting Wonga Park

Rafted the Yarra today from Homestead Rd to Reserve Rd, a 5km loop. River was running high at 1.54m - the last time I did it was a few years ago at 0.52m. Then it was nicely defined rapids, and v boney. Today was much less defined. Previous rapids became a series of standing waves. The 60 cm drop mid trip became a deepish stopper. Cruisy fun water - another 50cm would have been great.

A very enjoyable paddle- the first time my wife had been packrafting, and she loved it! Enough 2’ standing waves for some fun, but it all went by too quickly - prob only an hour of rafting. Total trip to and from Melb ( Camberwell) 3hrs, including half hour walk from finish to start. Anyway, to be able to go WW rafting near the big smoke in such a short period of time is great - almost felt like those packrafters in AK must feel!

Andrew A

That missing 50cm of water seems to be a common problem :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great mini trip, Andrew! Are there any spots around Yarra Bend that have interesting water? It really is great to be able to get away so quickly.

Hi Andrew

I did the same trip a couple of years ago, in 40 degree heat - spent 1/2 the trip in the water to keep cool.

I live in the area, so very convenient to access! Very popular for kayaks.


Did the Homestead Rd to Wittons Reserve loop yesterday. River running at 1.64m. Got creamed by a big hole and stopper at the Wonga Park rapid. My mate was lucky enough to push through on the true left. Whilst I noticed the stopper a month ago at 1.54m, it didn’t have much impact on our trip. Maybe I was lucky then, or maybe the extra 10cm made all the difference. Anyway, you get tossed so quickly, it’s hard to remember the details - just that feeling that you’re stuck, and a recollection of floating in bubbly brown water, not knowing which way is up. Hopefully I won’t get leptospirosis from the mouthful I took on board!! And only 45mins from the CBD.

mmm be careful out there Andrew, sounds like an unpleasant swim.

You thinking of hitting the mountains before close of season for some trouts and /or a paddle? Looks like it will start raining in the next few weeks.


Steve, sadly no immediate plans to fish Eucumbene, though your question makes me realize I should extract my digit and get away somewhere.

Unfortunately the trout season always seems to finish BEFORE the rains come!!