WTB: Really any Packraft

My wife and I will be spending the supper in Montana and Fall in Wyoming as I complete clinical rotations for Physical Therapy School and we are really looking forward to getting out on the water on hikes, etc. I think the Alpacka Alpaca would work the best for her and possibly the Yukon Yak or Denali Llama for me. But like I said, I think we’d be interested in about anything as I’m not sure we could afford two brand new rafts.

Hi. I have a red Yukon Yak I can sell. I also have a two person Gnu that’s in like new condition. Only used once on flat water. Red with cargo deck and all the bells and whistles. Paddles for both setups. I even have a women’s small drysuit if needed as well as some other odds and ends I would throw in. 600 for the yak and 850 for the Gnu.

I have an alpacka Yak for sale. Details here https://backpackinglight.com/forums/topic/f-s-big-closet-cleaning-packraft-duomid-quilt-and-more/
I think I forgot to add that I put thigh strap attachments in it.

Is the Gnu still for sale?