WTB Alpacka Yak/caribou or similar

Looking for an alpacka yak/caribou or other model alpacka that will be below 6lbs. Looking to be able to backpack into alpine lakes. If you have one and are looking to thin the herd, please let me know.

Thank you.

Hi there, I replied a few days ago to your mp re my Llama, keep me posted. Cheers

Hey mate,
Sorry for not replying to your previous message sooner. I am new to the packraft scene and hoping to get a packraft to backpack into alpine lakes. Yours looks to be in great condition and I’m sure would be very enjoyable. Upon looking up alpacka specs…the cruiser deck pushes the weight to 7lbs. That might be a tad heavier that I want to carry. Any idea if the cruise deck can be removed? I don’t really understand how it is attached as I have never even seen an alpacka raft in person. Lol