WTB: Alpacka Classic with Deck


I’m in search of an Alpacka Classic (or similar Alpacka model) raft size small or medium with a deck. A cargo fly would be an awesome bonus!

Let me know if you have a boat you’re looking to sell or know of any leads.


Hey. I’m considering starting a rental company dealing specifically with Alpacka rafts. I think our first fleet will be classics. Probably with the cruiser deck. I’ll possibly be interested in selling them off after the summer and I want to get a sense of what people will be willing to pay for them. What would you consider to be a fair price for a used Alpacka classic with about 30 days of use on it, maybe a couple of patches and scuffs? I really appreciate the info, and I hope my inquiry doesn’t come off as spammy. I’m just trying to get a better sense of what the market is like for both buyers and sellers. Because I intend to become both. :slight_smile: