Woody Boof - Moose Creek

Need to practice your boof stroke? Here is the perfect spot.

Park at the end of Buffalo Mine Rd. by the bridge. Walk back about 100 yards and find a rocky trail that heads up, parralell to the creek. Follow the trail until you start to hear some loud water.

This drop was covered before last years flood, and it still had a lot of wood in it. We spent the past couple weeks clearing it out. Have fun!

We are not sure whats deep in the pool at the bottom, could be logs, spruce trees etc., so if you get backsurfed don’t let your feet dangle, tuckem up. With that said, at 350cfs there is a pretty nasty hole at center to be boofed or run it left, but carefully scout the wood below or eat crow. At 275cfs it is pretty easy to clear the wash with speed and you can run it run anywhere, but river right.

The boy and I went up and looked at the boof at 185cfs to see what was at the bottom of the pool. As we suspected, when we found the new drop, it is made from perfectly stacked trees from the massive log jam that used to be there, and prevented us from boating further up because we assumed more of the same upstream. The drop is barely runnable at 185, and as I assumed there is wood in the pool too. The lower water also exposed the serious strainers on the river right side of the drop, which would most likely trap anything going through them, dangling feet, whatever, it is really dangerous.
There is some new wood above, and also in the normal run right above Guard Rocks section.
With some work upper, upper, Moose will be very good boating, there are some really good sections up there, but for now it still has some wood in bad places.