Women's drysuit suggestions

After a few years of cold-water “wingin’ it” I took a spooky swim and took a break. I am finally flushed enough to purchase a drysuit so I can actually start paddling again. There are many women’s drysuits out there now, complete with drop-seat rather than just a front relief-zipper (because the shenis really isn’t that great). But does anyone have a good suggestion on a drysuit that is both lightweight and durable, and can handle glacial water? It’s very difficult to find the weight of a drysuit on a product’s specs. I think it’s probable that I’ll be spending $1200 but althought the high-end Kokatats look amazing, they are 4 pounds. Even men’s drysuit suggestions would help here, so at least I could start somewhere.

Checkout Alpacka’s new Stowaway Tough, $800. Should be up on their site shortly. Took one through 4 days of paddling around Jackson, really really nice.