Winner Creek - 20 mile this weekend

We are considering a trip down 20 mile over the Memorial weekend. Does anyone know what the hike in looks like. Is there still a lot of snow on the trail? Do you have suggestions for other day trips this coming weekend for a intermediate paddler?

People are still skiing to the car down at Turnagain and I doubt Girdwood / 20 mile is much different.

Consider Willow (, Kenai Canyon (if it doesn’t get smoked out) or the Chulitna (

I think Echo bend on eagle river would be good now, not too scary yet.
you could hike all the way back to Glacier lake and float back to the Yurts. Great day trip.
River was flowing good yesterday.

How is 20 mile now, is there a packed down trail thru the snow to the pass? Does anybody know? I would like to run it this weekend if it is possible.

Pam Todd