Willow creek update

Spent 5 hours on Thursday cutting the wood out of the Redgate section of Willow creek with Andy Roak. The only one we could not get out is under water about 300 feet upstream of the guage. You can paddle over it on the left, or around it on the right.

That’s awesome James! Nice work.

Guard rail is clean?

Don’t Know about Guardrail yet, maybe Monday or Tuesday, But I ran Redgate today around 5:30 PM and it felt like about 700-800 cfs. The wood just above the guage moved a bit and looked a little sketchey . Stay right and don’t swim. I will try to post a daily update on the Susitna Sled and Kayak facebook page.

Anyone been down the guardrail section yet? I heard the rapids may have changed a bit.

I was disappointed that the play-wave on the Redgate section is gone. There are a couple spots that got more enjoyable though.

If you haven’t been up to run Guardrail yet - the first of the five fingers has some hanging trees. You can sneak by if you do some rock-scraping on the left. Other than that, the run is clean!

That wood is in a really bad place at the end of the drop. You do not want to flip before it or not be poised as intended before this potentially very dangerous spot. I’d highly recommend scouting beforehand. The trees have fallen from above the river right canyon wall where the water flows and crashes into that canyon wall. Other than a left sneak, you can paddle into the beginning of the drop then to take a hard left turn through rocks to get on the river left bank and portage a short section to get below the sketchy trees.

Guard-rail was clean as of Thursday.

A big thank you to James and whoever else helped clean-up five-fingers. That could not have been an easy job!