Willow Creek--Guardrail Section; Wood?

Anyone run Willow Creek guardrail section this year yet? What is the wood situation?? Thanks. Happy paddling…

I haven’t been down it because it has been so high (1340 today), but I hear it is wood free. I also heard some of the rapids changed quite a bit.

Ran guardrail for the first time on Saturday and was playing around on the little drop right at the top of it. It ate me the first time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5CTYHT_liU, and then it ate me the second time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UsiuhQ3AvI, and the second time I had my paddle ripped away and it managed to sneak its way down the river. Luckily we had a spare, but it anyone finds a 4-piece aquabound with pink stripes painted on the blade–that’s me. Two9Seven-8Two9Three. Thanks!

My earliest Guardrail lap so far!

There is one river wide strainer after the second or third drop. It is in the flats and not a major hazard, but I wasn’t able to go under/over despite an attempt or two.

I took out at redgate as the water was pretty low, and I didn’t feel like having to repair my raft this early in the season. There is a dead moose on the redgate road…so beware of bears in the near future.

There is still a little shelf ice on river left, but everything goes.