Wild Exploration - Far South East Coast NSW

A short 2 day trip down a south east NSW coastal wilderness creek. Lovely wild stuff.


Always a pleasure to see what you’ve been up to Steve. Nice one.

What pack is that by the way, and how many liters? I think you may have mentioned it somewhere before.

The blue pack is a Golite Pinnacle, great ultra light pack (790g - 74L) but requires drybags to keep stuff dry which adds some weight and bulk

The yellow pack is a Pacific Outdoor Equipment Gobi (2190g - 84L) , very water proof and quite tough, hard to get in Australia, we got ours from the US on sale.

Got a few more trips planned for the next month or so before it starts getting cool again (not that that will stop us).


Can Fishdejour please tell me what river this is? Shoalhaven perhaps? Looked GREAT!

Sorry Chrisp, I consider this one to be sensitive wilderness and I don’t feel it is the right thing to direct people there on open forums. It is a self imposed rule that I practice with all my posts on the various forums because I have seen a few locations ruined as a result of careless internet posts about them. Sorry about that. Many of the coastal rivers and creeks are similar, the Shoalhaven is a ripper river.


What are some ways to protect your wildlife camera? My husband’s wildlife camera was stolen recently. A few other hunters around our house have also had their cameras stolen. Any ideas, suggestions, or equipment to protect the theft of these cameras?? We do plan on putting up a wireless security camera that will email us videos and pics of the theives but we also are looking for something that will deter them from stealing anything off of these hunting areas.

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