who's up 4a trip down Colo this wend?

Hey folks,

Well its been a wee while since I’ve done any PR trips but pretty keen 2 head down Colo this coming wend.

From canoe creek 2 bob Turner…understand its 2-3 days. Currently gauge sitting at 6.9 so hoping it will go down by Sat! Ideal level I’ve been told is around 1.4-1.8. G2-3 at these levels with one g4= kings that is portaged.

Lemme know if ur keen :slight_smile:

Sharon 0477 555 663

Bumped you back up Sharon!

I wanna hear some travel stories soon!


I’d love to, but…it’s a little far for a weekend trip.
Love to see the photos though…

Hi Sharon,
Would love to get back in there but I’m out with Wife’s b’day. I paddled/portaged it in 2 days with low water (around 1m ) that was really tough but with good to high water 2 days should be enough. Solo man ( sorry Daz) did it in a day I think!




It’s starting to look good, about three metres at Upper Colo, so it should be lower in two days time.

Would you like to try for two days? I can provide a car for the car shuffle.

0414 813 958

It’s at 2.5m now, so should be perfect levels this weekend. Have fun!

I was out with gus at the upper nepean last weekend, so have to nuckle down this weekend and do some family visiting, otherwise I would have been in like flynn!!

I look forward to seeing the write up.

Hey Y’all,

What an awesome trip - spectacular gorge, exciting rapids and a great crew :slight_smile:) Thanks for the trip Joerg, Mik Law and Mik Myers.

Some beta on the river:
We put in at 1.97 and river went down to 1.6 on the last day. At this level most rapids were 2+ to 3. Take care on one of the last 3 rapids (think its the 2nd one after Kings) as there’s a log jam in the main flow…but will be more obvious with lower water levels.

The road along the fire trail to Canoe Creek is open so the walk in was only ~1.5 hrs.

Sorry Duncan for no reply - only just read ur msg on the forum now!! Reckon it’s best to PM me for future.

Happy paddling :slight_smile: