Whitewater technique classes in Europe

This is an article in German for a good reason. It is about something truely regional: a locally held Packraft specific whitewater course. The first one in Europe I guess :wink: See the translate option, if of interest for you though.

Blog Post: http://www.packrafting.de/2012/05/wildwasser-fahrtechnik-kurs.html
Reservation: http://www.packrafting-store.de/Kurse/Wildwasser-Fahrtechnik-30-06-2012-in-Leipzig-Markleeberg::292.html

The class will be held in Leipzig/Germany on 30.06.2012 first. One class is limited to 4 people only. More dates potentially to follow. Please indicate if of interest.

The place is an world class artifical parcour made for olympic purposes. The course is specifically designed to take the packraft charakteristics into consideration.