whitewater festivals in 2013

does anyone have any dates yet for whitewater festivals in alaska this season? any locations would be appreciated.
thanks for your time…

Willow Creek Whitewater Festival will be June 1st and 2nd at Susitna Sled and Kayak. Slalom races on Saturday, downriver races on Sunday. Details will be on our web site soon, susitnasledandkayak.com , or call us at (907)495-1505.


Willow Creek Whitewater Festival is pushed back to June 15 & 16 due to the fact that it is still winter here.

James- Any clue how bad the wood situation is on Willow? Do we need to do some chainsaw work before the season starts?

John- Guardrail is fine, but Redgate has about 5 or 6 sweepers with multiple trunks starting at wavetrain on down. Andy, Phillip and I went in a month ago
To do some cutting, but the snow and ice was 10-15 feet thick (super cold early season with no snow = Lots of overflow). Another reason the festival is pushed
back is we need time to clear it all out. Give me a call and we can set up some days to work( it may take more than one).