Which raft should I purchase? Durable?

I’m 6’1, weight in at 190 and want to get a raft that I can do whitewater in while carrying a load (40-50 lbs). I will be doing small rivers in southern Oregon…so would like to get something manueverable and light…Yukon. But with my size and the weight of my pack at times, maybe the Denali Llama is more for me? Just seeking some advice before I drop a giant wad of my savings on this thing.

Also…Durable? From the videos posted on YouTube, these rafts look like you can run them over with a belt-sander coated in razor blades and they would still be floating. I am looking to do a two week trip through a remote wilderness…how many rocks can I bounce off of before patching comes into play? Thanks…

The Alpacka web site gives lots of info about sizing .

The rafts are pretty well indestructible.

Splash out the cash, and have fun.


Thanks for the feedback…much appreciated!

Im 6’2 200lbs and the llama fits me very well. Definately wouldnt want to go smaller.

Get a Llama. Ya won’t regret it! Also sent you a PM as I’m in S. OR as well. You could take a spin in my boat (Llama) to see if it’s a good fit.