Which durable lightweight drybag

Hola PR Communidad,

So I am taking a ULA Epic on a 7-day PR expedition this Summer. The included 65L Sea to Summit Big River Dry Sack is not recommended by S2S for submersion. In the past on similar trips I used a 65L POE LTW Pneumo dry bag INSIDE of my Golite Quest with great bone-dry success, but am not sure if the LTW Pneumo is burly enough to be THE waterproof durable barrier to bushwhacking and scraping on rocks, etc.

Any recommendations for lightweight brawny waterproofness?


Hi G, I don’t know the bags you mention but I’ve just got back from an overnighter packing my Watershed UDB. Mentioned it here before somewhere, but now I like it more than ever. It’s a plain 96-litre holdall made from a tough, stiff fabric heat welded and with a drysuit-style zip + basic rucksack straps. You just chuck the raft and other stuff in and zip it up - no need to put drybags within drybags and hope for the best. Should something bite a hole in the packraft you could paddle the UDB ashore. They don’t say how heavy it is, but I’d guess a kilo. Main drawback: $260 - I found mine cheap on ebay.uk.
It’s aimed at sailors, but IMO makes a great packrafting and IK haul sack (ie; open boats). I’ve done a few days packing with a normal rucksack using a giant cheapo roll-top dry bag on the water. It was very comfy on the trail, but the roll-top was splash-proof only; if you flip for long, things will get wet. And in somewhere like Scotland in summer, you might not get a chance to dry out any time soon.