where to buy a packraft between SLC and pinedale, wy

Hey all,

New here. I had plans to drift boat fly fish the green river for a week with a buddy. He is sick and had to back out. My flight from the east coast is literally tomorrow to salt lake. The plan was for me to drive from SL to Pinedale, Wy. I am stuck out there for a week with no plans now. I have been thinking about getting a packraft and now this may be the time to do it. I have tentatively sketched out plans to hike into the wind river ranges and fish the lakes such as big sandy and joe black. Is there a place somewhere between SLC and Pinedale I could buy or rent a packraft last minute? I know this sounds odd, but my buddy is pretty sick and backed out today, just trying to salvage the trip. Thank you.

Found this on a search – located in SLC: