What is a price range to sell Alpacka Classic

I am thinking about selling an Alpacka Packraft. I am looking for a reasonable price range to sell it.

It was my first boat; I bought an Alpacka Expedition that I use in its place.

The raft that I need price range information is a 2019 Alpacka Classic Large-Llama in Arctic blue (light blue and dark blue). It has all the parts such as seat, inflation bags, storage bags, and repair kits. It is an open configuration and does not have a cargo fly. I have added some rigging to the raft.

I have used it four times that I can remember:

A packraft & backpacking trip to an alpine lake in the Wind Rivers.
A packraft & backpacking trip down the upper Green River and Green River Lakes in the Wind Rivers in Wyoming about 10 miles.
A packraft & backpacking float trip down the Colorado River 41 miles from Potash to the Confluence.
A packraft float on a lake in the Uintas.

There are no tears wear or other issues other than a very small bit of the Colorado River silt that is hard to get out of the deep crevasses next to the floor (it looks clean but not immaculate).

I am thinking of selling it in a local Craigslist equivalent in the Salt Lake Area (ksl.com classifieds).

Assuming you are a willing buyer, what is a reasonable price range to buy it?

High price
Low price

700-1100. I’d post for 1000 and take a little less