What are the abilities of a trip leader/guide

I’m looking at a situation where someone is posing as a packraft trip leader. I know the second leader is an experienced sea kayaker, but I don’t know about their packraft experience. If I were a first time packrafter on an Alaskan river trip with packs what do I need to know about my leaders?

In general, I’d want to know about that person’s experience with that type of trip (location, season, craft, etc), and with their experience leading and instructing (who have they worked with before, what size groups, can you get references?). Also important are experience and training in rescue, first aid, risk managment. Find out about their back-up/emergency plans (SAT phone, rescue crew, plan B/C/D, etc). Do they have certifications, registrations, or degrees that may be applicable? Do they have any kind of insurance?

Not that you need to check these things for every trip leader you encounter, but a few things to consider.

Good luck.