Western Patagonia - Tierra Incognita

We are in a heat of preparing our next exploratory packrafting expedition to the western side of Northern Patagonian Ice Field - Expedition Explorers III - The Great San Quintin. We are welcoming fellow packrafters to join us. We will start the expedition at the famous Laguna San Rafael, cross Ofqui isthmus and Kelly fjord and explore remote glacier tongues of the great San Quintin glacier including glacier Andres and other unnamed glaciers on the southern side of San Quintin. We plan to do the very first rafting descents of Andres and Lucac rivers. Extras: paddling between icebergs, 20mile long virgin beach, Patagonian fjords, thick jungle, top notch fishing, granite peeks of Patagonian Andes, etc. It is as remote as it gets these days on earth short of going to Antarctic. Last and first time somebody made that far was in the seventies. The expedition will require expedition grade equipment, abilities to carry heavy loads, ability to deal with extreme remoteness, and absolute self-sufficiency. Earlier experience with long unsupported expeditions welcome. No more than class 3 rapids are expected. We plan the expedition to last about 35 days. Anybody?