West Coast Packrafting - Scotland


I put a trip report from my recent backpack through the west of Scotland online. It was a 14 day trip with saltwater and fresh water paddling. Regrettably, there was very little by way of river paddling. The big flow rivers aren’t in that area and the water was just too low for the smaller ones I hoped to float. But I had a great time. I reckon I’ll probably be back that way for some more of the same in future.

On a different note, it is a shame there is not a bit more activity on the European section of this forum. What’s up with us? I know there are a growing number of folks out there with boats. I’d be fascinated to hear more from the Scandinavian contingent, in particular.


Just found and read it Dave. Congrats on pulling off a fantastic trip. Your route (or variations of it) is about as good as it gets up here.
I wouldn’t worry about river water levels for much longer. Summer’s over up here - or should I say, back to normal :wink: