Weld River

Just wondering for those that have done the weld how they accessed it? I know there is now a road that goes over the weld but is there public access to this road? Also does this put you in above the arch? Any other handy hints would also be great, like how long it took?

Going in the Frodsham’s Pass end is the easiest option. The road is gated but often unlocked. Matt keeps details like the grid reference for the start of the track on file. I’ll prompt him. The track takes about 4 hours to the river, joining it just a couple of hundred metres downstream of the impressive Arch. You can launch straight away. It takes about 4 days including the walk in and side trip to the arch, to get down to the Arve Bridge on the Huon.

It’s a good short trip. Very long car shuffle though!



Hi Eliam,

I tried to reply yesterday but it wouldn’t let me. I will dig out the details sometime soon. I dunno about this John hangeroner guy who never records his routes :slight_smile:

Some of us have to keep our heads clear for the big picture. The world needs visionaries! That’s why I need Matt to record details, bash all of the scrub, and photograph our trips. I sometimes get reminded of something I said to our adventuring friend Dax before we tackled the New River in 2002; “I’ll be the brains of this outfit, you can be the brawn.” Matt handles both roles these days. And Dax has been retired from hard trips for several years.

I help dream up our adventures and make the coffee. Surely that’s enough?


Right, finally got the info out for you. What you need to do is find power pole 106 on the Mueller Road. That particular pole is on a side spur. The grid ref for the pole is 561599 on the Bowes Sheet. From here tapes meander southward to meet the river at 562579. I suppose if there was enough water you could get in here, but it is generally pretty small, so the tapes then continue up over some small hills to the plain at 568567, meet the creek at 569561 and follow this creek down to the river at 560548.

The real trouble is that I don’t drink coffee. Ah well.

Hope this all helps.


Thanks for that Matt. I assume the arch is a couple of hundred meters up stream from the first meeting with the river at 562579? I am thinking bout popping down the weld this Easter, hopefully there will be some water around.

Hi, yes we went last Easter. Nice trip and the extra volume from the snow storm made it quite good. Some bits could possibly be a touch shallow in mid summer. Beautiful river. The arch is where you said. I don’t have an exact grid ref for it but there are some tapes and you won’t miss it. Enjoy.

The arch is upstream of the second river arrival, not the first.

Incidentally, I still have Sally’s throw and bottle in my car…