Welcome to the New APA Forum! (PLEASE READ)

Welcome to the Beta version of the new American Packrafting Association forum! By migrating the APA forum to a new technology platform, we hope to make it more user friendly, searchable and attractive.

Existing accounts from the old forum have been transferred over BUT passwords have not. Existing forum users will need to perform a password reset and choose a new password before posting on the new forum.

As of April 2021, the new forum is in Beta testing, and changes to categories and the theme are forthcoming.

We plan to migrate all useful content from the old forum. More recent posts (mid-2020 - 2021) will likely be the last content to get moved over, so apologies if you find something from the past year is not yet accessible on the new forum.

If you encounter technical issues, please contact APA support via discourse@packraft.org.