Weekend trip ideas, mimimum Colo level (non whitewater) ?

Hi fellow Raftpackers,
I’m looking to do a 3 day wilderness trip with a mate next weekend and given the lack of good rain recently the focus will be swayed more to fishing along the way rather than whitewater. I’m considering Canoe creek to Bob turners which I’ve done before at about a 1m, it’s now 0.9 we are prepared for the portaging the rapids, but I’m concerned if we can’t paddle/scrape through the long shallow sandy stretches and have to wade and drag our rafts through the quicksand it will be too much.
Has anyone attempted this trip around 0.9, thoughts?

Both my mate’s wife and mine are pregnant so this is one of our last opportunities for a trip like this for a while, we also don’t want to cause the wives any undue stress by arriving home a day late! So trying to come up with a backup plan with good fishing and probably ideally within 2-3 hours of Sydney, closer may be easier if there’s a car shuffle unless it can be easily done by mountain bike. I’m going to look into the shoalhaven above the dam but avoiding the flatwater to see if that’s a good option.