Ways to keep spray deck from ripping open?

My spray deck usually rips open at the top when I’m leaning forward and paddling a rapid. So lots of water hits me in the chest and runs into the boat. Looking at it, I think I can fix the problem by taking out the top bungee cord and inserting a longer piece. As it is now, it is tight around my PFD and back when I sit straight up, then gets pulled tighter when I lean forward.

Anyone else have this problem, know a fix?

I installed a button snap on my spray skirt near the top. It provides just enough resistance to keep the velcro closed, but is still easy to bust open when you have to. You can get a snap kit at REI for a few bucks.

That sounds like a solution!

For a few extra bucks you can buy a whiffleball-golfball and attach that at the opening of the tunnel at the newly installed snap (or some spray skirts had red panic leashes that you could attach it to). This is a bit of added security and a slightly more fumble free method of opening the snap and velcro when needed.
Happy Boating!

Erin and Hig sewed in small simple center release buckles on their decks.

they blow open if they really need to according to them, but I’m sure you’d want to test out the release yourself.

We cut two boats yesterday on sharp rocks so I ended up paddling a decked boat with the elastic skirt. The model is last year’s or the year before, I think, as it opens on the side and has a big back rest.

To keep it from ripping open on the creek of big drops and crashing waves I

  1. pulled the all the elastic fabric way over to the side where the closure is to get the slack on the velcro slide. If I just casually closed it, that is without thinking to pull the slack to the closure side, then the slack was on the opposite side and there was far too much tension on the velcro to hold it closed. It would then blow open.
  2. tucked the the of the closure under my foam PFD to keep it closed there.

    In addition, I would recommend sewing an additional piece of pile-side velcro at the closure to extend the area of friction that hook side grabs. On my old red boat that’s what I had done to the entire length of the velcro which went down the middle and would blow open on big wave crashes. That part never blows open, but the closure which unfortunately DID NOT get the extended velcro does blow.

Thanks. Sounds like a good plan.