Washington State Trip


Just purchased a raft, a buddy of mine is also geting one with a week or 2. I have backcountry exprience as a hiker, snowshoer and canoes. I have floated class 2 in a Inflatable kayak but other than that no Whitewater knowledge. We are looking for a trip that will take about 4 nights in the area. Olympics would be awesome, Gifford pinchot or Mt Rainier, Anywhere remote. If you have any ideas that would be great, I have topo maps of all the parks in washington but they don’t show waterflow so its hard to plan a trip. Any help would be awesome. We are going August 21-25.


Well we decided to go into the Goat rocks wilderness for this trip fished 2 lakes of 3 we were shooting for, Snow blocked the way to the 3rd lake. There is still quite abit of snow at about 6k feet. Bushwacked our way around to the 3rd lake but wasn’t able to fish it due to it being iced over.

Heres some pics

Hi, I am planning a trip this spring in your area, and it looks like me and my friends I will be going with are about the same level as you are… Any suggestions on where we should check out, like any great spots that should not be missed? Thanks!

Spring is going to be a bit early for anything in the high country, snow in the cascades and olympics usually doesn’t melt until mid summer. We are going to hike in and try to run some of the quinalt river out at the end of may, you might want to check that out. There may be alot of portaging on the way out. We are also running the queets in September a 4 day outing.

Spring is great, so far, for the lower elevations on the west side of the Olympics. It’s wet camping , but the rivers are great. I’d be down to hit some of those anytime this spring.