wanted: tIps for choosing the right gear


I am new to packrafting and would like to hear your opions about my plans:

You should know I am 170cm / 95kg (Yeah, I know I am overweight - perhaps paddling will help?)

I’d like to order an Alpacka Yukon Yak with spraydeck and packsystem. However I am not sure how much load a Yukon Yak can handle.
And: will the spray deck fit (my circumference is about 120cm max.)
Can the spray deck be completely removed or will it just roll up somewhere?

My paddle of choice is the Sawyer - I take it, you can adjust the angle between the two paddle blades?

I am paddling with a cayak on whitewater up to class II - and would like to use the raft in similar conditions as well as on some lakes. So no special thoughts here, right?

Any ideas or comments before I order?

Hi there,
I just crossed Iceland and my friend’s Yak was carrying a 40g backpack on its bow and did great.
The spray decks are a little bit tight I find, but you definitely need one if you want to do any white water. The deck is basically on permanently.
You will be fine on Grade 2 water in it. Lots of fun!

Yes, you can adjust the blade angle on the Sawyer. It’s got a friction-clamp in the middle, so you can set any feather you want.

Your weight sounds fine for the boat. Overall, you shouldn’t have any problem with class II water with this set-up. If you have any questions on the waist circumference as it’s currently being built, you can also call or email Alpacka, and they can tell you what the max waist is on the decks.

Thank you for your opinions.
I called Alpacka yesterday and Nancy told me I would be fine with the Yak and the spraydeck - so I ordered mine. Now I am anxiously waiting for its arrival (but it will take some time - I live in Germany)