Wanted Alpaca PackRaft for cash or trade for Rare Necky Dolp



I appreciate your notification. I’m new to the boards and I’ve read nearly every post yet I didn’t realize there was a restriction to how payment can be offered. Sorry.

I can assure you that my request to buy a used alpaca for $500 is not a scam and if you want to check it out for yourself you can check out live.com under cash back rebate which enables someone to buy something from ebay from a buy it now seller to receive a discount.

I’ve bought several things from ebay with the rebate program which enabled me to save 25 percent.

So I posted in the way that I did because I could afford to give someone an additional $100 if they went through ebay though I do agree if you’re not familiar with the process it sounds convoluted yet in practice it’s pretty simple. So I could give $600 instead of $500 for a used alpaca.

Yet, I respect the board protocol and will revise my post. I do hope it is okay to include the trade for the Necky Dolphin Kayak since someone might want a kayak more than the cash?

I really appreciate your assistance in this matter because I have fallen in love with the Alpaca yet I just don’t have the finances to buy a new one at this time.


Thanks to the moderator for letting me repost, I do appreciate it.


Thanksgiving is my birthday and I’d like to celebrate by buying a second hand alpaca or perhaps the Yak model. If you have an alpaca pack raft going unused (it can be an older one as long as it is in good condition) or you are looking to buy a new raft with the ten percent sale Sheri is offering for christmas, I can buy yours for $500 cash, I will buy it from you now…no hassles.

I would prefer to buy this locally so I can see the raft before purchasing and I can pay you cash but if you are out of the Santa Cruz area and can’t deliver it, I’d be willing to let you ship it. I can pay by cash, C.O.D. or paypal for an easy transaction.

Yet again, I am eager to use the PackRaft so I would prefer a simple in person exchange. I also have a rare purple Necky Dolphin Kayak that I would be willing to trade for a packraft so if you need an exceptional kayak that is also a delight to look at…especially if you love the color purple that is also an option. The kayak has been garaged the entire time I’ve owned it and I’ve only used it 3 times since I usually go kayaking on a tandem.

I can only buy one packraft so if you are interested please email me with your phone number and I will call you to discuss the logistics.

Until then…celebrate life!