Wanted: Alpaca in Europe (any color)

I just found out about this marvelous thing.
I had no clue that there was such things as packable boats weighting 2 kg.

So now i want one :smiling_imp:

Until i have saved up for a new Alpaca +shipping ($851.00) :astonished:
i will try to get a used one cheaper.

Surprise me.

Dont forget customs and national Sales Tax!
It is a real bummer.

I happen to be in the US in May if anyone likes me to bring one.

Are you specifically asking for the Alpaca (smallest) model?

Where are you based in EU?


Sven sounds Swedish?
I’m Swedish , living in Haninge Stockholm.
And i painfully know about our Tull and Moms .

It would be awesome if you could pick up a Alpaca for me while you are over there.
And yes, i’m specifically asking for the Alpaca (im a small guy).

But how would that work practically ?
I will PM you my e-mail address and we continue that there.

Thanx a bunch!

Hej där,

kul med fler svenskar, jag har nog varit den ende raftare hittills. KÖpte min via norske generalagenten men det var dyrt som satan :angry: Jag bor i Östersund

Lookin’ Good!

Nice pose!
How much did you have to cough up in the end (in sek to confuse everybody) :slight_smile:
I actually like the color of your raft , stealthy.
BTW does anyone know what Cedar green is?
Is it light green, dark green ?

Are you really the only rafter in Sweden, that seems strange?
Or the only owner of a Alpacka?
I found this Swedish site that sells Alpackas http://www.avanzakayak.com/AlpackaRaft.htm .
The price actually seems equal to import it by yourself and pay shipping, moms and tull. (custom fees)

I sneak peaked at your blogg and saw that you are using :
VKV Expedition Fits all, 2delad paddel
How do that work for you?
That’s my second problem, what paddle i should buy, i am kind of leaning to a four part one?
My first problem is of course to get a Alpaca with out going bankrupt.

This is cedar green: https://www.alpackaraft.com/store/index.cfm?ProductID=87&do=detail
Unforrunately, it is 4 oz heavier than blue, like the former mud color.
As for a paddle, go high end oder very low budget. Everything in between is a bad compromise.
The Sawyer is the best you can get (800 g): https://www.alpackaraft.com/store/index.cfm?ProductID=79&do=detail
On the other hand, the Sayvlor: http://www.amazon.com/Sevylor-Kayak-Paddle-Aluminum-Shaft/dp/B0019M5E72
does the job for a while. Is pretty light (950), a 25$, breaks down to 5 pieces, but is not as durable.
Interessting the swedish guys sell Alpackas. Is that official wir Alpacka Ltd? Sven

Thanks for all the answers !
Ceder green was pretty stealthy and ok by me, and the added 4oz/113 grams ain’t to bad either .
Going to check out the paddle market with your points in mind.

Shaggy told me the Swedish guys are/or becomming very offical !

It was actually 1000 sek ( comp to avanza) cheaper to buy from the norwegian dealer, at least back when I bought mine. I was looking for a 4 piece paddle but couldn’t find anyone cheap enough :wink: Also, this paddle doubles as tentpoles for my Hilleberg Rajd. If your looking for a paddlepartner in Jämtland this summer (up until mid july, after that I cant get away…) PM me and maybe we can plan something :slight_smile: