Wanted -- A Lighter Paddle (4-pc)

I’m a dirt-poor grad-student right now (is there any other kind?) with a kid at home & another on the way, so I don’t have a helluva lot to spend on new gear these days. Luckily, I picked my raft up for half-price when both my wife & I were working.

Anyway, I have one 4-piece paddle that I currently take on packrafting trips. It’s an old Aquabound Shred paddle (got it for ~$30 on EBay), and well, the danged thing is pretty heavy. Fiberglass blades, metal shaft. I use it simply because I don’t have much else to use.

I’m hoping (on a long shot) that someone might have a lighter paddle out there. I’ve been eying a carbon-fiber AB Splat (or something similar), but alas, I have to remind myself that I’m poor and there’s mouths to feed. :cry: (Crying about the “poor,” not the mouths to feed… I love my kids, but they’re expensive!)

If you have a lightweight 4-piece paddle you don’t use or need anymore, I’m interested. I’m hoping for something in the 220-230 cm range, but I’m not picky. I’ll pay reasonably for used gear, but I’m kinda hoping to keep it under $100.

If you’d rather see a few extra bucks instead of the dust collecting on your spare paddle, lemme know! Thanks,

  • Mike