Virginia New River trip

Planning on a trip down(up?) the New river from Mccoy falls to Ripplemead on Sunday September 3rd. Curious if anyone is interested, looking to meet at the take-out around 8am.

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I live nearby, wish I could help, but I’ll be out of town that weekend. If there’s nobody around, you could always call Tangent Outfitters and pay for a shuttle. It would also be a great stretch for bike rafting if you are into that kind of stuff.

Personally, I like the Ripplemead to Bluff City stretch. It’s generally doesn’t have tubers on it, and a more secluded feel. More rapids too! It is a bit shorter though . . . If you want more miles, Pembroke tp Bluff City would be an awesome day.

Hey, thanks for the info. I’ll definitely check out the route suggestions. I think we are currently at 3 people, so we should be good for the shuttle.

I’ll be there! Thanks for setting this up Joe!