Video - TR Nepean - Pheasants to Maldon

Hi All

This is my first topic post on this forum so I should introduce myself
My name is Craig and I was on the Nepean - Pheasants to Maldon trip with Darren and Gus

I prepared a short video clip of some of the rapids that we ran and it covers a bit more than half of the trip as the battery died about lunchtime.

It gives you an idea of what our trip was like and how the rapids were at the gauge level, just imagine a couple of hours of flat water paddling and a couple of hours of three guys talking crap :slight_smile:

I uploaded 2 formats just in case - low res and High Def as I have only just started to do HD
here are the links - I hope they work !
Please yell out if they dont


Low res


Craig (K10)

Nice work Craig, looks a great paddle,