Vacationing with my packraft in Hawai'i?

I am on my way to the Big Island and have been looking for ideas on how to give my packraft a vacation in warmer waters as well. I saw the pic of someone surfing the waves in a packraft on the Alpacka page, any other experiences to share?


I can’t speak as to the Big Island itself but I had good time floating some of the rivers on Kauai if you make it up there…

I got pretty into snorkeling out there, in the bays. You could increase your snorkel range a lot with an Alpacka & an secure anchor of some sort. Maybe 50 feet or so of P-cord, with a 5-foot chain & a weight on the end? Carry it all in a stuff sack? I’ve never even thought about anchoring before; just an idea.

It looks like this is an old topic but I’d like to rejuvenate. I have 9 days in Kauai later this month and would love to hear about possible packraft trips. Thanks!

There are a handful of rivers that are worthwhile there, but anytime you encounter fresh water or salt water near a river mouth there you are exposing yourself to some pretty serious microorganisms. Check out this article titled seven surfing sicknesses on the Transworld site.

i spent a week in oahu in january and had i not brought my raft i woulda been kickin’ myself. already mentioned, but the snorkeling is great with the raft. i simply looped my bowline around a belt loop, about 8ft of line; allowed me to hop in and out and move around a lot easier. surfed some waves as well, very fun. have a good trip.