Utah: Robbers Roost -> Dirty Devil -> Happy Canyon

Hello Folks,

Trying to put together a three day loop trip on the Dirty Devil that involves two very scenic slot canyons. Basically run one of the moderate canyoneering hikes on the North Fork of Robbers Roost down to the Dirty Devil (1 day, ~10 miles). Day two would be on the river to Happy Canyon, ~10-15 miles. Last day would be heading east up Happy Canyon about 1/2 way, to just below the Sams Mesa Rd Staging Area (~5miles, http://www.capitolreef.org/trails.html?trail=18&PHPSESSID=kjonvxbkvom click the said link to get the pin to drop on their map) and exiting the canyon.

It’s that last bit, exiting the canyon, that may pose a problem. Does anyone know if one can exit mid Happy Canyon at that point or anywhere near it? Could drop a rope at this point with some ascenders since I’d want to leave a bike/car shuttle there before starting but I’d rather work out a non technical exit.

-cheers, Dave

When wer you looking to put a trip together? I might be interested in making a trip to Utah, but I would need about 30 days notice. Is this river class 3-4? Would a drysuit be neccessity. I haven’t packrafted much in the lower 48, but in AK a drysuit was always needed. I wouldn’t mind leaving the extra weight home if the run required alot of hiking (10+ miles)?

Steve Allen’s Canyoneering Book 2 provides detailed descriptions of both the descent down the South Fork of Robbers Roost (10-15hrs! water and good camping, 5 rappels, technical but nothing too crazy) as well as the hike up Happy Canyon to French Spring Fork (reliable water and camping) and an exit via an old cattle trail to the north (17miles from Happy Canyon/DD to the road, no timing info but certainly a full day). Don’t know how long it will take to paddle this section of the DD even with good flows so I’m thinking this trip will take 4 days, not three.

Hopefully this April/May but now that it looks like it will take 4 days, I’m not certain I can swing it with work et al. The river is class I-II. No drysuit needed (at least not when I’d want to go!). If I can get a trip together I’ll certainly let you know.

Hiking & Exploring Utah’s Henry Mountains and Robbers Roost [Paperback]
Michael R. Kelsey (Author)

This guidebook should have all the information you need.