Utah Packrafters?

Bucky here in Salt Lake City, checking to see if there are any other packrafters in Utah who would like to get together to do some runs. If so, feel free to PM me.

I’m yer man! PM sent.


I’m in as well. I just got my boat, and i live in coalville (15 min east of park city). What do u think about the weber
river near echo. There is some commercial rafting operations here, so i figure it has be somewhat good, right?

Hi, all. I’m a brand new Orem, Utah Packrafter. Just ordered my Dali Llama today and am prepared to explore lots of wilderness rivers up to class III (and IV once I get some experiance). I have prior whitewater kayaking experiance. The American Fork and the Provo are my home rivers. I would like to incorporate telemark ski-blading or snowshoeing (I have an additional pair of each to loan out) and mountain biking into my adventures. Any Utah packrafter (or anyone else for that matter) feel free to contact me.


Any of you guys (gals too?) game for an Escalante River trip about May 13-22? Those dates are including travel time. I think we should plan on 5-7 days on the river depending on water levels and whether we want to put in at the highway bridge or walk in to a put-in farther down stream where there will be more water.

Read below a message thread I have begun circulating. . .

Escalante River in south-central Utah by packraft & hiking & canyons
Below is a message I received about floating the Escalante River in south-central Utah by packraft. It is an account of a trip from May 2010. For those of you who may be less familiar with Alpacka rafts take alook here Alpacka Raft | Passionate about Packrafting in all its Forms

If you might be interested in such a trip please let me know. I am looking at a possible Escalante trip for something like May 13-22 (that includes all travel days from Alaska or Colorado; or where ever you may be coming from.

I suggest you now only read the message below but be sure to open the attachment and listen/ watch the water supply briefing.

Here too are a few interesting links about the Escalante




Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 9:59 AM To: Doug Van Etten Subject: Re: Question — Escalante River by packraft Spring 2011

We ran the river last year from “The Bridge” near Lower Calf Creek Campground to Lake Powell in 7 days and needed all 7 to get downriver with very little side canyon hiking. If you pack light a better way to do it is to pack in from Egypt trailhead via Fence canyon to the Escalante and take out at Coyote Gulch thru Crack in the Wall to 40 Mile ridge trailhead. This encompasses the very best part of the canyon and gives more time for side hikes. I would give myself at least 7 days for this trip.

Flow levels have a big influence on how many river miles you can do in a day but 15 miles is a very big day at lower flows. Traditionally Spring runoff is about second week in May to mid June. The runoff period can be very short and is difficult to predict since the only gauge station is before the put in and before the major tributaries like Death Hollow, Sand Creek and Boulder Creek. The beauty of the pack-raft is it can float it (mostly) even if you miss runoff. Some years there is very little in the way of increased flow like last year when we had very good snowpack in the drainage but it just evaporated that warm windy spring and did not run off. This year snowpack is “normal” but the snow was early and we have had a very dry winter since then.

A shuttle to “The Bridge” is $60. to “Egypt” is$150. and to 40 Mile Ridge Trailhead is $250. These prices are for up to 4, more than 4 is $10. more up to 6 max with gear. We have a second vehicle so can handle as many as 12 which is the max group size. You will need a 4WD or high clearance vehicle with good tires to get to 40 mile ridge trailhead. A car with good ground clearance can usually get to Redwell and Hurricane Wash the other two Coyote Gulch access points.
We need a credit card # and your contact info to get a date on our calendar. Hope this helps, you can call us at 435 826 4967 for more info. Our store is not open now so if no answer please leave a message and we will get back to you

On Feb 11, 2011, at 1:33 AM, Doug Van Etten wrote:
I live in Alaska and a bunch of us experienced packrafters/ backpackers want to come down for an Escalante River float with lots of side canyon hiking. Your company was recommended by someone in Las Vegas for helping us set up a car shuttle.

We are thinking about coming down for a long week – 10 days including travel time. That would hopefully mean 6 days on the river – in the canyons.
We are considering May and wonder, based on what is known of flow levels based on snowpack just how this year is looking? Might there be a preferred week in May; or would April or June likely be better?

Then . . . if we have a car that we want to get to Coyote, is that the kind of thing we pay your company to shuttle?

Doug Van Etten
907-244-6610 vanetten @ alaska.net

Hello Everyone!
I’m looking for a packrafting buddy to do as much as possible in the time I have off. I’m planning on actively packrafting from Late February all the way through mid to Late April. I know it’s early season but my next job starts around then. I am between jobs at the moment and have a lot of flexibility in my schedule. I’m seriously down to do anything in the Colorado Plateau, Mogollon Rim and Wasatch Areas. I have a lot of Whitewater experience but also enjoy mellow water as well. The wilder and remoter the scenery the better! I don’t have any specific rivers planned except the Black River in AZ Mid March and the Virgin River (whenever) and Muddy Creek in June. Although its been a marginal season I would love to run the Little Colorado Gorge and the Paria (if miracle flows occur). But again I’m down to do anything.
If anyone is remotely interested, please contact me. I have a 4WD and am really easy to get along with. I also enjoy longs walks on the beach. (I feel like I’m filling out a Match.com profile…)

Greg O’Toole

Just wanted to give a shout out to the board. Packraft just arrived. Looking for partners for weekend trips around Utah. I’ve kayaked lots of rivers back east but very little out west.

How about an Antelope Island bike raft March 17 (Egg Island to Elephant Head with a mt bike return) to work out the system? Trails should be dry by then.

Not sure the PM is working so feel free to email me at biotelerock cat yahoo cat cat com (replace the cats, trying to get by the spam blocker!)

I’m in StGeorge and have a Fjord Explorer with a spray deck and would love to do some packrafting in my area. I will be on the Sevier over the July 4 week and looking to do other trips within a few hours of here. Give me a shout. for tree 5-tree one tree-one oh 5 ate.


I’m based in Moab and have finally been getting out on the packraft and want to get as much in as possible the next 6 months. I mostly solo, but would be happy for a partner. I’m planning a trip to Madagascar in winter and will be taking the raft, so I need to get as much time in the water as possible. Let me know if you want to get out! Seven one five eight eight one twelve ninety-four or bjgottung at gmail. Not much is flowing this year, but Westwater is a given (hopefully raft support, just not solo) and Cataract in low water if Westwater goes smoothly (and I’ll need to replace the deck with the skirt). I’ll catch what I can in the front range in the III+/IV- range this season. I just did the Gunny Gorge - twice in a row it was soo fun. The Copper and Kluntina in AK. A handful of other tame stuff, mostly river crossings and sections of the Colorado. I’ve never flipped and swam, but need some experience with this where safe. I’m happy to drive up to 7 hours from Moab for some good water.


I’m an avid backpacker but have never done any packrafting before. Is there anyone in the SLC area willing to show a newbie the ropes? If anyone is willing I can rent a packraft until I can get my own.


Try these guys Jeff. http://packraftrentals.com/?page_id=35