Using packraft inflation bag to blow up sleeping pad?

Howdy folks, new paddler in Northcentral Washington State. Avid backpacker, skier, I’ve got an old Curtis Raft that I float around alpine lakes, used to seakayak when I lived closer to the salt…etc. Just took delivery of a Denali Llama today. Yet to get it wet.

Anyways, I’m prepping for a SE Alaska trip in a few weeks and it occured to me that I’ve got this big inflation bag and I’ve also got a nice UL sleeping pad that needs inflating every night. Naturally, the valves don’t agree.

Anyone figured out a fancy way of getting these two to cooperate and fill a sleeping pad very easily?

Looking forward to this groups’ keen ideas!

thanks, Michael

You could try and design and 3D print an adapter?

Depends on which pad/valve. I wrapped a Big Agnes valve with a few laps of electrical tape to solve this years ago. Worked OK. Faster to blow it up by mouth, but easier to do it with the bag.

One advantage to using the bag is that you aren’t blowing moisture into your pad with every breath.