Urique River: Urique to Tubares by Jeff Pflueger

Jeff Pflueger just returned from an awesome packrafting (and Honeymoon) trip in Copper Canyon. He had a lot more water then we did on the Tutuaca. Check out his post on Wildbeta at http://wildbeta.com/web/node/19

two gringos were recently robbed at gunpoint while hitching a ride out of Tubares. watch out for glassy eyed marijuana growers who conveniently live on either side of the military checkpoint on the way to Choix.

Definitely cuidado. Looking back on this trip, I get kinda sick to my stomach with how sketchy it was there, and how lucky we got. You WILL run into some “glassy eyed” bad hombres for sure. These days I think that the situation is much worse with the drug war than it was then - and when we did this trip we literally camped out hiding in the bushes to avoid bad dudes. It is 100% lawless down there. You’re on your own. Bring a posse.