Upper Indi

A few brief bits from the last group paddle on the upper Indi


I stumbled across that a few days ago and thought you were hiding it from me. :slight_smile:
Looks like a good paddle.

Sweet, it was a great paddle and I’m keen to head back there once the temperature drops and the rivers start flowing :slight_smile: The video puts the Kluger’s location into perspective :open_mouth:

Looks great, am jelous I missed it.

I would love to do from the top of that section down after a good downpour, some good tight water I think. I reckon we need to schedual a few earlier trips this year on the melt creeks, I will be getting a dry suit though as the one swim I took was a little cool for my liking :slight_smile: Sny tips on budget dry suits (full suite I reckon??)


Check out eBay Steve and look for sellers from China, that’s where I got mine from. Try here for example: http://stores.ebay.com.au/shakoo-watersports-store

My top is branded ‘Marine’ but is exactly the same as a Palm Equipment top, at less than a third of the price. I’d say they come out of the same factory.

Craig, I particulary like the “Guaranteed not to leak for one year” :slight_smile: