Unrigged Explorer for sale PRICE REDUCED $799

Up for grabs is a 2012 Green Unrigged Explorer. I bought this at the beginning of the summer, and no longer need it since my packrafting friend is moving. I also have the skeg for this boat as well. It has been used one time, and comes with all the original equipment(bag, fill bag, patch kit). Plus I also have a fast patch kit that is offered on the alpacka website. No patches on ths boat, and minimal signs of use. I can take pictures if you want, but the boat looks exactly like it did new.

Do you have a paddle or spray deck for it that you would be willing to part with? Whats your general location?

No Spray deck on this boat, however you can have one installed if you desire it. Also, the only paddle I have is a cheap 30 dollar paddle that I use with my kayak… so I don’t really want to part with it, and its not a nice one anyways

Any chance this is still for sale?