ultralight folding ascent skis for packrafting?


Here are a pair of 148 cm ascent skis that fold into thirds (20 inches) and only weigh 24 ounces as a pair, including their permanently attached skins! I would like a pair of these babies for skiing into the Uintah backcountry in the spring to packraft the mini gorges up there with their slate bedrock slides and falls. These skis come with bindings similar to snowshoe bindings. On the down side, with their skins permanently attached, their only real advantage over snowshoes is that they are faster. I bet they would be well worth their $799 price tag for those who use them alot for arctic and winter packraft expeditions.

Wow those are really neat. 24oz is amazing too. Too bad they’re $799.

Would indeed be amazing. The article says 3 pounds per ski, not 24 ounces per pair.

Well 6 lbs for a pair kinda kills that.

Trying to figure out where the check I got 24 oz from. I swear on my momma’s grave I read that somewhere? Owell .

It must have actually been a pair of k2 approach skis that used to be for sale at backcountry.com the site said they only weight 1 lb 8 oz for the pair (if accurate). But K2 nolonger sales them.