Ultra lite throw bag

50’ of Dyneema rope and silnylon.
no grommets or webbing.

I’ll update this once some throwing is done.

what is everyone looking for in their throw bags?

CST asks:

“What is everyone looking for in their throw bags?”

mostly rope :laughing: , like 75-100 ft would be nice…

This looks super light and still useable.

I would like two sizes: 50ft for creeking and 70ft for bigger water. Hard to throw much more then 70ft.

Could be used as glacier travel rope too (in a pinch)…dyneema is strong stuff

Any thoughts on using the 5mm Dyneema for rappelling? I hear Dyneema has a low melting point. It would be nice when canyoneering / packrafting to use the same cord for a throw bag and rappel rope.

Eric, are you making and selling these bags?

Forrest- Dyneema Does have a low melting point. Packs made out of the 100% dyneema cloth are usually a bit unfinished looking since the ends of the threads used to sew them cant be melted or it would torch the pack.

Good question for Sterling directally. I’ll look into it.

Dano - probabally, but not quite yet. some details to sort out first. I’ll keep this thread up to date.

John Underwood, Chris Flowers, Paul Adkins and I took mtn bikes from Hope to Exit Glacier Trail, then over the Harding Icefield, rafting our bikes down the Fox River and into Homer once (won’t do that again).

Getting off the Tustumena Glacier we rapped off an ice cliff and into a glacier dammed lake. We ferried everyone and their bikes in one Sherpa Raft (multiple trips) to shore.

Anyway, we had a 150 feet of 5 mm Kevlar that I used to use for glacier travel. The multiple raps we made with bikes and people on the wet dirty rope wore deep grooves in the carabiners we used as a brake for the rappel. I expect dyneema/spectra at 5 mil would do the same.

For what it’s worth…

Rapping on Kevlar: I have some experience rapping with Kevlar as well (using braided lines, designed for fire/rescue). Performance has been pretty good. Kevlar also has a very high melt point.

Rapping Spectra/Dyneema: Very low melt point, high lubricity. It might not chew up 'biners, etc. like kevlar, thanks to the high lubricity (that’s why it feels so silky and slick to the touch). Of course, both those qualities have another implication: without a mantle of something like nylon, you’ll need a really high-friction rap device/knot. I don’t know what he actual temps generated short raps are, but considering that you can make a rap device glow on a long spelunking rappel with nylon rope, I’m nervous. Anyone have facts on this one?

I agree with Andrew on the low melting point of Dyneema/Spectra. We rap often and long on 8 mm Dyneema with polyester or nylon sheaths using Grigris, but 5 mm would be spooky with a hot brake as the surface area for friction would be much reduced. But if it were short enough (50 feet) and not overhung – maybe a dulfersitz? At least you’d know when the friction device – you! – was getting too hot for comfort.

Or if it were a long one (100 feet), a modified dulfersitz with a biner brake?

My impression is that Eric’s little throw bag ropes are sheathed in nylon or polyester…

The throw rope Dyneema is sheathed in polypro, for flotation, which I think has an even lower melting point than dyneema.

During the packraft rescue training class this last weekend we were able to use Tiblocs for ascending the quarter inch (6mm?) dyneema. It worked with a big single biner or two little Camp biners (very light) that Matt Hage and Agnes had.

Also we discussed carrying descending rings in lieu of a biner or two for replacement use of a pulley or carbiner…

Anyway, I am interested in hearing about people’s experience rapping on the dyneema with the polypro core, but it will be a tough nut to crack comfortably.