UL Raft for fishing Alpine lakes

Which lightweight pack Raft would you recommend for backpacking and fly fishing Alpine lakes?

Scout? Litewater? Flatwater? Others?

Another option is the Klymit Litewater Dinghy. Pros: Very light (38 oz?), rolls up to a very tight bundle, very stable. Cons: It’s not going to keep you dry in any sort of chop, it’s almost like sitting in a bean bag chair. Also not much back support (not that pack rafts are great in that regard generally, but it’s not as supportive as my other boat). But for the weight and small sized package, it’s an option to consider. I use it mostly for river crossings or very short floats, it’s fine in those settings.

Just my opinions,


I’m using a Scout for fishing. Pretty happy with it, good compromise between packed size and inflated size.

How big are you and do u want to just fish near shore or actually paddle around? Im a diehard alpa ka guy i own a scout, curyak, and yukon yak. If your a small guy like me a scout is a great craft, however if you want thw biggest and lightest id suggest the flyweight designs flytepacker. I had one for years and i sold it thpugh I still miss it. Ot was hige and ridiculously light. It paddled like a brick and had the ergonomics of an inflatable bath tub but its a nice cheap option. Also alot of the seams leaked so it gave me great practice smearing aquaseal on the seams through the dump valve.