Tyvek Tape?

Anyone know where to buy the stuff in Anchorage?

Sheri always bought it at Home Depot. It’s right next to the Tyvek housewrap, I want to say in “Construction Materials.” The rolls are wrapped in a mostly-blue plastic packaging, so it doesn’t look the white tape it is at first glance.

Yeah, i got a roll at home depot (maybe it was lowes?), right where he said.
Luckily, I have not had to use any of it yet, so I still have a big, heavy, complete roll.
Which raises a different question: has anybody figured out a way to bring along e.g. 10 feet of it?
I mean, part of the point of pack-rafts is to carry less weight, and this full roll weighs almost a pound.

But I worry that re-rolling it on something else will lose a lot of the stickiness of it.

Any tricks to bring along a small bit without sacrificing good adhesion?

Hi fredthedog,

I just re-roll about 10 feet of the tape onto itself, so it’s a little flat roll about an inch long. It seems to keep its stickiness well enough. I know Sheri also likes to rewrap it onto Patch-N-Go containers. I suspect it would work fine on a lighter, etc.

Thanks, Shaggy, I’ll try that.

Is the red Tuck tape the same thing as Tyvek tape?

I am not sure if the red tape you are talking about is the tape that is in the same section at home depot as the tyvek tape. I tried a roll of red plasticy tape that was next to the tyvek tape in either home depot or lowe’s. If it is that stuff it doesn’t work nearly as well. I tried both extensively and the red just isn’t as sticky on the tube fabric. Sorry, but I just don’t remember the name of the tape I used but I suspect it might be the same stuff you are talking about.

Cheers, Sheri

Hi folks. I have just taken delivery of a s/h dory, and am one very happy chappie. I’m looking to grab a few odds and ends, and was wondering if I could ask what is the technical product name / number of the tyvek tape you use. There seem to be quite a few for sale here in Oz and nothing like having the wrong one on the inside of a repair…


I can give you the barcode number of the Tyvek Tape, its 0 83014 10261 8 the two outer numbers are printed smaller than the inner numbers, I don’t know if thats relevant. DuPont’s website, tyvek section should confirm, or call 1-800-44-TYVEK I think its a USA phone number.

The roll size is 48mm X 50m, 1.88 inches X 164 feet.

Enjoy your Dory! (o: